Do the Right Thing / Broken Windows Reading Questions

Okay, for this blog post you can choose to write about Do the Right Thing or the “broken windows theory” of disorder. So, choose one of the following, if you like. [Or, better yet, answer your own question. 🙂 ]

First, in Do the Right Thing, and in the reading on Canarsie, racial stereotypes are presented as important factors in precipitating racial conflict between neighbors. Did you find depictions of racial biases in the film or the reading or both to be familiar, given your experience? Be specific? How and when have racial biases (yours or other people’s) affected your relationships or interactions with people you are familiar with? Friends, neighbors, other people you encounter on a regular basis?

Second question: the “broken windows theory” of disorder suggests that disorder is contagious, and tends to escalate in severity. So, if broken windows go unrepaired, or if graffiti is allowed to remain on subway trains, this will encourage more serious forms of disorder (e.g. robbery and other crimes). Is this right? Why or why not?